Fun Activity in class

Forts and imagination Today in class, we were divided into groups, and we had to build forts, my group first created a tent just like we used to do when we were a child. It was fun because it made me think of when I used to play with my brothers and sister, we would […]

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Doing Something I like.

For the first time ever I’ve been enjoying so much what I’m doing. ” What do you want to be when you grow up?”  – I wanted to be so many things, a singer, an actress, a model, secretary and so on. It would always change as I was getting older. For so many circumstances […]

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Digital​ Story-Telling

  Mr Glue Stories What an amazing digital book!! Right, today I will introduce this incredible story-telling book which is also a printed book. “Mr Glue does not create divisions by defining age ranges for particular stories. The stories here are just easy or medium or difficult, and if the one you picked isn’t right […]

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A great Interactive Toy

A Fun Toy! Children are always busy exploring and learning, that is why educational toys are so important. Learning toys are an intelligent way of keeping children entertained while teaching them new skills. I have been researching for fun interactive toys, and there are so many of them but I had to choose one, so […]

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Video Motion

The Very Hungry Caterpillar The video motion was made as a group of four people, I believe that I was not the only one doing it for the first time. It requires patience and perseverance, the process was slow and made from scratch. First of all, you have to prepare the scene of whatever theme […]

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They Learn Through Play!

“Play Is Children’s Work” In this post, I would like to introduce the first post I made in college. As you can see it is not perfect as it has some unfinished parts, ( my laptop decided not to work when I most needed it) I was going to edit it to before posting it in here. […]

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Interactive Toy

I’ve been researching for interactive toys, and I saw so many of them for all ages. Some of them suitable for the price but not appropriate for children’s age. Others really good and age indicated but not worth the price. In my opinion, toys are too expensive nowadays and not always that good, Sometimes are bad […]

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My Second Week, ICT Class

Top Tools for Learning 2018 This week in class we looked up on a list of websites, and we had to choose two of them to give feedback. Feedback was provided on googles’ tools function such as Google doc and Hangout. I was surprised to know that google docs work the same way or even better than Word […]

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The first​ week

IC, WHAT??.. My first week class on ICT was exciting, I learned that ICT stands for information and communication technology. That it provides information to communication such as cell phones, communications mediums internet, wireless, and network. It is similar to IT which stands for information & technology. We also had a sample of the digital technology. […]

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Circle Time And Technology​

I was Nervous… The circle time was something that I was afraid of, the fact that the teacher would be there watching my performance with the children was a bit challenging for me. At the same time, I was anxious to do so. That would not be the first time singing with children, but that time […]

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